Back To The Beach One Last Time

Getting time to process images from my recent night shoots at Hafan Y Mor has been pretty tough as I’m now back at work in the day and  usually tied up with other things in the evenings. I have managed to work on a couple of images from the first shoot I did during my break though.

This session took place a couple of days before the noctilucent cloud shoot that I posted recently. I was hoping to see NLCs that night actually but it didn’t happen. I did see a lovely moonrise though, with the waning crescent moon rising majestically from behind the rugged skyline of southern Snowdonia into a glowing dawn sky. Those posts came in handy again, to give some foreground interest, and I couldn’t resist adjusting my position to get the moons reflection in the still pool of water at the end of the posts.

Standing there on the beach for a few hours watching first, the stars, then the moon, then the sun, got me really feeling ‘in tune’ and I decided to break out my ND filter as the tide began to slowly approach me to its high level. Using a bulb exposure to blur the water into almost a mist I lingered for a little longer – the results of that technique are shown below. Finally I couldn’t resist a parting shot with a long telephoto panoramic  across the water to capture a beautiful, charcoal-like shading in the distant mountains as the sun finally rose. Although not the sharpest image, this is an 8 (portrait) shot stitch so should make a really nice large canvas.






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