Just In Time For The Afterglow

Dinas Bran SunsetIt had been months since I’d last got out to do any landscape work so the promise of fair weather and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights in early October here in the UK immediately piqued my interest and got me thinking about good locations to view the phenomenon. Playing with Google Earth, I remembered an idea for a shot I’d had a couple of years ago and funnily enough, the sun was setting in just the place I had envisaged. It wasn’t the best location for viewing the Northern Lights but it suddenly dawned on me that I had at least a chance of getting there that very evening… but I’d have to be quick given existing commitments. So, after a brief dive in at home to get changed, I was racing the clock to get to the location in time. Negotiating the rush hour traffic successfully, a short dash got me to the location just as the sun was setting and, breathless, I managed to click off this stitched panoramic. Sadly, cloud cover meant that the lights weren’t likely to be visible, but I left pretty pleased with capturing such a stunning sunset.

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