Video: A Close Encounter With Corals In Timelapse

It’s been ages since the last entry and to be honest I’ve been so busy I’ve had absolutely no chance of getting out to do any ‘leisurely’ landscape work. On the odd day that I’ve had a glimmer of some spare time, typically the weather has scuppered my plans so I’ve not pushed it… time is so precious I can’t risk wasting it.

In light of this, I’ve turned my attention to my own indoor aquascape in recent weeks… that is, my reef aquarium. I’ve been wanting to produce something along these lines for quite a while actually and being restricted to the house on child watch duties during the evenings has given me some time to turn my lens on the tanks inhabitants. Of course I also run so the material is primarily aimed at that site.

Most of the sequences are 30 minutes condensed to about 10 seconds and I’m shooting the timelapses using Magic Lantern on my 6D. Some are taken with normal tank lighting (AI Hydra 52 for the reefkeepers out there), with radio triggered overhead flash, or with overhead flash fitted with Nightsea fluorescence filters. My 6D is fitted with a Tamron 90mm macro plus extension tubes in some cases.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the results but I’ll be looking to improve IQ with an MPE65 (when I’ve saved enough), and I could also use a deflicker plugin for Premiere Pro (again, can’t justify the spends on that at the moment). Another major challenge is procuring suitable subjects and keeping them healthy. The aquarium of course also needsto be kept in pristine condition to allow for effective shooting. Ideally I’d like to get a sponsor onboard to help fund livestock and equipment as it costs a fortune!

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