New Image: A Quick Folly On The Way Home

Looking at my web stats, it would appear that I’ve had quite a few visitors recently and I am hoping some of you may have been exploring the site. Whether you have or not, take note that I’ve been adding quite a few new images recently, particularly in my 360 Degree & VR Landscapes gallery. This should continue so don’t forget to check back occasionally for new material – I won’t be announcing all of it.

I thought my most recent shoot at Boot’s Folly in SouthYorkshire was worth a mention though. Coming home from a video shoot in Sheffield over the Snake Pass, I’d noticed this interesting location just off that road on Google Earth and, as I love castles, monuments, ruins etc (as you can probably tell from the other images in that gallery), this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss! Although bright and sunny, the weather and time of day were nothing particularly special but I always think its well worth scouting a location for the future. So, after a quick hop over a gate and a short walk through a beautiful sloping meadow, I reached the folly. The view from this location is really nice but it was very windy on the slight rise where I chose to shoot from. I had to hang my rucksack from my tripod to keep it stable actually. After capturing a couple of 360s and some standard shots I decided I’d better get back on the road and head for home. Walking back through the meadow the wind dropped and I stood for several minutes soaking-up the scene and enjoying the peace and isolation…. I’ll definitely come here again some day.

I’ll be uploading the VR versions of this, and the other images in the gallery, as soon as I can by the way. I’ve also got my similar ‘Hills and Mountains of the UK’ series to upload so as said, keep on dropping-by!

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