Video: A Close Encounter With Corals In Timelapse

It’s been ages since the last entry and to be honest I’ve been so busy I’ve had absolutely no chance of getting out to do any ‘leisurely’ landscape work. On the odd day that I’ve had a glimmer of some spare time, typically the weather has scuppered my plans so I’ve not pushed it… time is so precious I can’t risk wasting it. Continue reading

From Dusk to Dawn: 24hrs in Anglesey

OK, so I managed to duck, dive, weave and wangle a full 24hrs to myself… and thanks to the support of some great family and friends I just completed 3 shoots on the beautiful island of Anglesey. Literally ‘years in the making’ I’ve had these images rattling around my head based on old memories, opportunistic scouting trips and hours of internet research for a long time now. That said, although these images are planned, they of course turned out quite differently to how I so often envisaged them. I guess that’s what I like about landscape work so much… you can plan it over and over but when you get on-site that all goes out of the window! Continue reading