PC Wallpaper: November 2014

Heads-up, just posted a new wallpaper over on my other website www.digital-reefs.com. This is an aquarium image of a stunning Red Bubbletip Anemone (captive-cloned incidentally). Head-on over to digital-reefs and subscribe (free and quick) if you fancy brightening up your desktop this November. There are a couple of different aspect ratios available so it should fit most screens :-)

From Dusk to Dawn: 24hrs in Anglesey

OK, so I managed to duck, dive, weave and wangle a full 24hrs to myself… and thanks to the support of some great family and friends I just completed 3 shoots on the beautiful island of Anglesey. Literally ‘years in the making’ I’ve had these images rattling around my head based on old memories, opportunistic scouting trips and hours of internet research for a long time now. That said, although these images are planned, they of course turned out quite differently to how I so often envisaged them. I guess that’s what I like about landscape work so much… you can plan it over and over but when you get on-site that all goes out of the window! Continue reading

‘In The Fading Light’ at Capel Lligwy

Rooted in the middle of a field overlooking Lligwy beach on Anglesey in North Wales, Capel Lligwy is a ruined chapel dating back to the first half of the 12th century. The tiny chapel on the side of the building was added later, in the 16th century, and includes a burial vault. When this vault was eventually excavated, a large mass of human bones, reportedly several feet in depth, was uncovered. In short, this is a fascinating and atmospheric location and, after making a visit back in 2009, I’ve always wanted to go back and spend some time photographing it in favourable conditions. As luck would have it, during a short family break in late August 2014, I managed to slip away for an hour or so at sunset and get into position to capture this multiple-shot panoramic scene. What isn’t perhaps evident in the image is the large herd of bullocks that were gradually working their way around the field to my location… I think I was more nervous of them than being alone near the spooky chapel in the fading light!

Memories of Spring in ‘Allium Valley’

After completing a large commercial photo/video project, I recently had a little spare time to ‘kick-back’ and revisit some images that I took in my local area way back in 2010. Actually, it was my Father who suggested the general location for this shoot to me originally. On his advice, I was lucky to get there in the brief ‘window of opportunity’ when Allium ursinum (Wild Garlic) literally carpets the floor of this ‘secret valley’ by the beautiful River Weaver, near Frodsham. At the time of writing, I believe the scene is unfolding once again this Spring and I’d love to get back there to see if the display is as impressive (both in terms of sight and smell!) this year.